About Glamlite™

Two years ago a few friends and I went for a "girls night out" to celebrate my birthday. We did what all girls do, we took plenty of photos to remember the night. As you know, capturing a good selfie or group photo in a nightclub is nearly impossible. All of our photos came out poorly lit, blurry, and gloomy. That's when I had my "aha" moment. I thought how amazing would it be if there was a compact size gadget that could provide perfect lighting regardless of the environment. I reached out to a manufacturer and began designing a prototype. Once the prototype was completed I invited a few friends over to ask them for their input. They absolutely loved the product. My purpose with Glamlite is to boost people's confidence by helping them take flawless photos that they can't wait to show off.             
           Glamlite is perfect for nightlife photos and videos, because it replaces your phone's harsh flash with a natural-looking, even light. Take it with you on your next vacation or outing and start impressing everyone!